My Construction Agreement Has A Force Majeure Clause, So Now What?

With the exponential spread of COVID-19, owners, contractors, and design professionals are recognizing the substantial impact this pandemic will have on the construction industry. Several states issued shelter-in-place orders, resulting in the suspension of some construction work.1 In some states, this has resulted in work stoppages on some of our nation’s largest infrastructure projects. The financial impact of these work stoppages will be significant. As a result, parties to construction agreements have looked to their force […]

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Webinar: Mitigating Business Impacts Due to COVID-19

Mitigating Business Impacts Due to COVID-19 is an hour long webinar that highlights prominent and very real issues within the Construction industry (and beyond) and provides potential suggestions of how to mitigate those issues. The opening topic discusses the impacts on businesses operations due to COVID-19, which leads into Employment issues, Supply Chain issues and finally, Customer Related issues.

The webinar is hosted by three Partners at Kelley Kronenberg including Harsh Arora (moderator) who focuses […]

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COVID-19: Can Construction Continue?

Over the past few hours and days, states and local governments have issued “shelter in place,” “stay at home” and other orders restricting gatherings and non-essential business. Most states and local governments exempt construction from the “stay at home” orders. Other orders exempt certain projects that are classified as “critical infrastructure.” Some jurisdictions prohibit construction completely. State orders may conflict with local orders.

With the evolving situation, it is difficult to keep track of where […]

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