New Texas Law – Posting Of Certain Information At Commercial Building Construction Site Required

A number of new laws were passed in Texas this past legislative session that impact the construction industry, including changes to the mechanic’s lien laws and the statute allowing for the recovery of attorney’s fees in certain civil cases.

There is also a new statute (Chapter 59 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code) meant to ensure that a contractor is not responsible for the consequences of design defects in plans and specifications provided a […]

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Construction Law Seminar Offerings

Construction Law: Beyond the Letter of Your Contract—Effectively Playing the Claims Game Through the Use of State and Federal Statutes and Judicial Precedent
The construction claims process is a complicated exercise where superior internal legal knowledge often rules the day and can help you to avoid protracted litigation. This seminar will allow you to counter contractual provisions that may otherwise bar a valid claim such as notice clauses, no-damage-fordelay clauses, pay-if-paid clauses and paywhen-paid […]

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Five Mistakes Subcontractors Commonly Make Before Signing Construction Subcontracts

Construction subcontractors assume a tremendous amount of risk with each subcontract that they sign with a prime contractor. While much of that risk cannot be avoided, there are some risks that subcontractors can reduce (if not eliminate) by avoiding the following mistakes prior to signing their subcontracts.
1. They Do Not Receive a Copy of the Prime Contract
Subcontracts often include a provision stating that the subcontractor is bound to the prime contractor on the same terms […]

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