Risk Management Tips: Evaluating Delay Claims in the COVID-19 ERA

As we enter into the second year of the global pandemic, architects should take steps to prepare for the likelihood of COVID-19 related delay claims as contractors seek additional compensation and time extensions in response to what they believe are COVID-19 related impacts. This article discusses a few key issues for architects to consider when asked to review a delay notice or change order request from a contractor in the COVID-19 era.

Is the global […]

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City Of Los Angeles Moves To Increase Building Standards For New Construction

Yesterday the Los Angeles City Council adopted a motion entitled Building a Safer Los Angeles (“Motion”) that would significantly expand the fire rating requirements for new buildings and restrict the use of light wood-frame construction throughout large parts of the City of Los Angeles.  The Motion is broadly written and, contrary to some reports in the press, it does not call for exemptions based on building size or square footage.

In summary, the Motion directs City staff […]

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Making Sure The Ground Tenant Builds

Once the building on a ground-leased property is completed, the ground landlord has a very secure rent stream. While the rent under the ground lease is based on the value of the unimproved land, if the ground tenant defaults and the tenant’s lender does not step up and cure the default, the landlord’s remedy is to terminate the lease and to retain ownership of the land and the building free and clear of the […]

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